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Are you locked out, has your key been lost, is your lock turning, has your house been broken into or is your key broken off?

Welcome to the Locksmith from Rotterdam

Are you locked out in Rotterdam, has your key been lost, is your lock jammed, has your house been broken into or has your key been broken? We are a specialized locksmith company in Rotterdam, working in the entire area from South Holland to North Holland. We offer 24/7 service for opening doors from as little as € 79, – excl.

We have been active as a locksmith for several years and are therefore a very reliable locksmith in Rotterdam. No unexpected surprises and our team is always quickly on site. Is your lock no longer usable or is the key broken? Then we will immediately provide your home with new security.


Are you standing in front of a closed door?

Get in touch with us immediately, we will be at your doorstep within 30 minutes!

Our Service

Our technicians are specialized in opening, repairing or replacing locks in Rotterdam. For example, our experts can effortlessly remove your broken key and grant you immediate access to your home again. We are also specialized in opening your car door and we can provide entire business premises with a new lock plan.

Has your home been broken into? We will secure your home and repair the damage. Count on our technician’s expertise and a customer-friendly approach. Feel free to call us if you have any questions or are in an emergency situation.


24/7 service

Lock Service

Opening cars


Windows and doors

Repairing burglary damage

Work area

As a specialist in Rotterdam we have everything to serve you directly. Not only are we active in Rotterdam, we are also active in the wide surrounding area. Below is a selectionc of our work area.

Is your hometown not listed? No worries, chances are we will come anyway! Please contact us for the possibilities.

Replacing your locks in Rotterdam?

Contact us directly, we are here for you 24/7!

Locksmith Rotterdam

Keyguard door furniture

Including material and assembly.
Starting from €129,- excl.

Locksmith Rotterdam

Keyguard cylinder

Including material and assembly.
Starting from €149,- excl.

Locksmith Rotterdam

3-point locking system + core protection

Including material and assembly.
From €299, – excl.

The prices of Expert Locksmith

Many scammers are active

CAUTION: There are many scammers active in the market today. They offer you low prices by phone or e-mail. Watch out because in almost all cases, according to these locksmiths, it’s only about the call-out fee. After your door is opened, these scammers come with sky-high bills. Do not fall for these tricks. We never outsource a job to a third party, we employ our own technicians and work with official invoices. The work will be discussed with you in advance, you will never be surprised!